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It is too convenient to use the sensor hand sanitizer to wash your hands
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It is too convenient to use the sensor hand sanitizer to wash your hands

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It is too convenient to use the sensor hand sanitizer to wash your hands

Good personal hygiene, especially hand-washing habits, can become a firewall for many diseases. In addition to washing hands before and after meals, which we have known since childhood, are there other times when you should wash but you have neglected?

1. Wash your hands after reading the newspaper. Organic solvents such as ethanol, isopropanol, and toluene are often used in printing inks. Even if these substances remain partially, they are harmful to the human body.

2. Wash your hands after taking milk or newspaper in the morning. Because milk crates and newspaper crates are easy to breed bacteria.

3. Wash your hands when you come back. When you are out, your hands will inevitably come into contact with things in public places, such as door handles, elevator handrails, elevator buttons, etc. These centers are the centers where bacteria and viruses gather and are very dirty. Therefore, after going out, you must wash your hands before doing other things.

4. Wash your hands after taking out your wallet, banknotes, and using the ATM.

5. Eating out, don’t forget to wash your hands after reading the menu. Since the menu is really dirty, few restaurants regularly disinfect the menu.

6. Wash your hands after using a computer, mouse, or mobile phone. These are common items that are easy to be ignored but are very dirty.

7. Wash your hands after drying clothes. Dirty clothes and bacteria in the washing machine can infect the clothes during the washing process. In the process of drying clothes, the hands are likely to be stained with these bacteria. The clothes can be disinfected by ultraviolet light, but the hands are often ignored.

8. Wash hands after touching body secretions. For example, after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose while covering your nose and mouth with your hands.

9. Wash your hands after touching pets or poultry to prevent animal-related infectious diseases.

10. Wash your hands after changing diapers for small babies or patients, or after handling contaminated items.

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