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Laicozy’s Traditional Birdcage Bellman Trolley
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Laicozy’s Traditional Birdcage Bellman Trolley

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The hotel lobby porter trolley is the first thing your customer will see when arriving at your hotel, so amazingly enough, the trolley has an important role to play in creating a positive first impression.


That is why you need to choose your bellboy trolley supplies strategically. The bellman trolley should be appropriate to its task, sturdy, easy moving, and also elegant.  Maintaining a positive impression from arrival to check out should be the primary goal for every hotel operator.

The beautiful hotel vintage luggage bellman trolley will look fantastic at your event to help create fabulous theming for many different themes.


Laicozy's birdcage hotel luggage trolley is made from high quality stainless steel. Our material is very durable and anti-rust. Typical Birdcage Powder coated options includes brush, polish, and golden finish.

Soft nylon platform reduces baggage damage, and sturdy stainless steel on both sides prevents baggage from falling during transport.

The heavy-duty concierge birdcage trolley luggage cart with 4 solid and durable wheels makes it easier to transport your luggage.

Hanging rail for Dresses and suits etc. All joins are tig welded, unit does not bolt together.
Birdcage welds blended and polished

the hotel crafted corolla luggage trolley, either the economic option or luxury one will fit at any hotel lobbies and other public area.


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