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Advantages of Foot Operated Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Station
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Advantages of Foot Operated Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Station

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Advantages of Foot Operated Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Station

Intelligent induction type soap dispensers can be divided into AC electric hand sterilizers. DC electric hand sterilizers generally use 220V/50hz power supply in China. The pressure generated by the electromagnetic pump is uniform, and the spray or atomization effect is stable, but the device A power supply is required for the orientation. DC power supply generally uses a power supply, and some transformers are used for power supply. Due to the lack of power supply capacity, the atomization effect of this type of sterilizer is generally very poor, and its effect is similar to that of a soap dispenser.

Intelligent induction soap dispensers can be divided into atomized hand sterilizers, spray hand sterilizers, atomized hand sterilizers generally use high-pressure electromagnetic pumps, and the sprayed disinfectant is uniform, which can be in contact with the skin or rubber gloves. A small amount of disinfectant can achieve disinfection without rubbing, and this product has become more and more mainstream in the market. On the one hand, the spray hand sanitizer lacks the pressure of the electromagnetic pump, and on the other hand, because the nozzle design is not reasonable, the sprayed disinfectant has the phenomenon of flowing, which causes its effect to be not ambitious enough, resulting in the waste of the disinfectant, so that less and less Be picked.

1. Non-contact induction soap dispenser brings a hygienic and convenient use experience

2. The whole machine is hidden behind the mirror, the appearance is simple and fashionable, and the installation is simple

3. Induction will remove the foam, rich and delicate foam, giving you a better/better feeling of use

4. The foam type can save more than 30% of soap liquid, and it is easy to rinse and save energy

5. The faucet body is finished in brass, polished and electroplated, beautiful and durable

6. Integrated infrared sensor, quick liquid discharge

7. Set up multiple blocking measures, special electronic glue seal, high waterproof performance

8. Large-capacity 1000ML, easy to add liquid with large bottle mouth.

soap dispenser station (3)Sanitizer Dispenser Station

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