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Product features and working principle of hand disinfectant dispenser
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Product features and working principle of hand disinfectant dispenser

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Product features of hand sanitizer dispenser

It adopts intelligent microcomputer control to achieve industrial-grade working stability. Widely used in hand cleaning and disinfection in medical and clean workshops;

Energy saving and power saving, long battery life, a set of batteries can be used 120,000 times, which can save a lot of battery costs (working 200 times a day, can be used for 2 years);

AC/DC two power supply methods (when the AC power is connected, the machine automatically cuts off the DC power supply, saving battery costs);

Infrared automatic induction, non-contact type, to prevent cross infection;

Double LED display, you can read the working status of the machine at any time (the green light is on for normal operation, and the red light for failure or low power is on, see the manual for details);

The liquid output can be adjusted intelligently according to the use situation;

Foam, gel, and spray can choose three kinds of liquid discharging methods;

Large-area streamline window design, the liquid volume situation is clear at a glance;

100 ABS engineering plastic, no damage to the face shell after 3000 times of drop test;

Can provide customized services of color, LOGO and function;

The working principle of the hand sanitizer dispenser adopts the method of hand induction. The driving device drives the sliding plate to compress the liquid storage elastic body to flow out the soap liquid. When the hand leaves, the signal disappears and the driving force disappears. The elastic body absorbs and compensates when the elastic body recovers by itself. Soap liquid to prepare for the next liquid supply.

Repeat the above-mentioned induction action to continue to obtain quantitatively spit soap. However, the existing soap dispenser can only spit out liquid soap, which will cause liquid soap to drip during use, causing waste; and liquid soap will increase hand washing time and cleaning water, which cannot achieve environmental protection and energy saving the purpose.

soap dispenser floor standHand Sanitizer Dispenser Station

Laicozy is professional manufactuer for sanitizer dispenser stand for about 16 years.

We could both provide OEM and ODM service for you.

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