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Selection Skills of Soap Hand Sanitizing Disinfection Stand Station Machine
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Selection Skills of Soap Hand Sanitizing Disinfection Stand Station Machine

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    Selection Skills of Soap Hand Sanitizing Disinfection Stand Station Machine

  1. Fully consider your own situation and need

    Such as the number of employees in the enterprise, the number of channels into the workshop, the economic affordability and the purchase of a dual-purpose hand disinfection machine. What kind of disinfectant is planned to be matched, such as the selection of 75% medical alcohol as the disinfection medium. The process is: "induction soap dispenser hand washing-faucet flushing-induction drying-induction hand disinfection"; choose other disinfectants as disinfection media The process is: "induction soap dispenser hand washing-faucet rinse-induction hand disinfection-induction drying"; it is recommended to choose a method, because there is no residue on the hands after the alcohol evaporates.
  2. 2. Comparison of single function and multi-function

    There are two types of hand sanitizers on the market: multi-function (disinfectant spray + dry hands) and single function (disinfectant spray). On the surface, the former combines a variety of functions to reduce equipment costs and a compact operating environment. However, placing the heat source of the hand dryer and the flammable disinfectant in the same body increases the risk of fire. The compact working environment interferes with each other during operation, and the probability of malfunction is higher, which reduces the ergonomics, reduces the service life of the product, and increases maintenance costs. Although the latter is a single function, the equipment cost is relatively high, but it guarantees safe production, at the same time it also improves the use efficiency and reduces the maintenance cost.

    3. Comparison and selection of hand disinfection machine companies

    Understand whether the other party is a hand sanitizer R&D and production company or a trading company that sells on an agent. Fully the production enterprise's research and development strength, product quality, technological content, number of experts and quality commitment. When possible, you can learn about their evaluation of various brands of hand sterilizers from other users in the same industry who are using hand sterilizers. Perhaps you can go to the company for on-site inspections, and you may even be able to request payment after use to prove your quality and strength.

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