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The word “hotel” was originally french.It refers to the country villas where the French aristocracy entertained the guests.The term was later used by the hotel industry in Europe and in the United States.Based on the buildings and mainly through the guestrooms,catering,entertainment,other facilities and a variety of related services,the hotel is a special place where provide services to the guests. The development of productivity has promoted the development of hotels.The followings are the four development stages of hotel industry.


  Existed before the 18th century,the name at that time was “inn”.Its equipment was simple and the security was poor.It could only provide accommodation and food.The service quality was also poor,too.

2)Luxury Hotel

  It was born in the early 19th century,when the industrial revolution in Britain promoted the development of productivity and brought the human society into the industrial age.The first luxury hotel was built in France.At that time,the luxury hotel guest were mainly aristocrats,dignitaries,businessmen and upper-class holidaymaker.The hotel was built in cities or along a railway.It was non-profit.At the same time,the emergence of the steam engine further enrich the goods and the traffic also began to develop,resulting in a change in the location of the hotel. 

3)Commercial Hotel

  From the beginning of the 20th century to the Second World War,the first commercial hotel appeared in the US.It was located in the center of the cities or on the side of a highway.At this time,hotels could provide comfortable,convenient and clean services.The price was reasonable.By this time,motels had begun to appear.

4)Modern Hotel

  It started in the 1940s and has been developing to this day.At this time the hotel has some obvious characteristics,such as the hotel chains operation, a more accurate hotel  market positioning,various types of hotels which make full use of high-tech(for instance,installing in the guestrooms on the Internet,using new decorative materials,etc.);Meanwhile,guests often ask for the personalized service from the hotel。There are many different equipment and supplies used in modern hotel,such as luggage rack and rubbish dustbin in the guestroom,bellman trolley in the lobby,housekeeping trolley for cleaning.


There are many kinds of luggage racks,rubbish dustbins,bellman trolleys and housekeeping trolleys suit for different types of hotels. Luggage Rack including wooden foldable luggage rack and stainless-steel luggage rack. If you are interested in these kinds of products, just contact with Laicozy. We are Professional manufacturer for hotel supply.    

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