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The development of soap dispenser industry
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The development of soap dispenser industry

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In recent years, with the rise of consumer groups represented by the post-80s, the consumption structure of the entire soap dispenser market is undergoing radical changes. Personalization, serialization, colorization, and artistry are affecting the consumption thoughts of this group. . They are no longer obsessed with foreign brands, but pay more attention to the matching of products with their needs and values. In addition to the 70/90 policy promoted by the government and their ideals of consumption talents, small-space houses have once become the mainstream of society. The limited space to achieve greater personal value is the focus and key of their pursuit. And the recent burst of patriotic enthusiasm is an important opportunity for national brands to increase their own value. Just like a certain launch of my "Chinese Heart", brands must boldly speak out their Chinese presence. Made in China is no longer synonymous with low prices. In this regard, the soap dispenser industry must have the courage to learn from the clothing industry. Many domestic clothing brands have far surpassed the value of imported brands. This is the strength of the brand. The new generation of consumers born in the 1980s are willing to pay more attention to domestic brands. This is the timing of the market.

The rise of national soap dispenser brands has forced the sinking of foreign brand channels.

It is not difficult for us to find in the market that the previous foreign brands had to lower their bodies to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers. The sinking of the channels of Kohler and TOTO are obvious examples. All this stems from the advancement of domestic soap dispenser brands and even changes to the rules of the game. For example, the well-known large-bag toilet and one-piece toilet are the first of Chinese brands. In enterprises, it is even better to specialize. The division of labor is often done by several companies, and the low-cost form that has been invented from this can complete product innovation from time to time. In the past, foreign brands received red dot awards, and domestic soap dispenser brands also refresh their wonders from time to time.

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