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The Disinfecting Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
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The Disinfecting Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

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To create a safe, durable and reliable public place with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is our goal, and we accomplished that goal with our sleek, beautifully designed stainless-steel sanitizer dispenser stand. Keep one step ahead of germs by using our foot-pedal operated, hands-free sanitizer dispenser stand. 

And Laicozy's disinfecting hand sanitizer dispenser stand is durable and suitable for high-traffic industrial environments, the true genius of the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is the design. You can prevent the spread of germs with our sanitizer dispenser station anywhere. The dispenser’s mechanical foot pedal operation, polished/brush/color power coated finish, and stunning, invite customers and employees to use this eye-catching hygiene safety station. 

It is simple and sanitary to use and because it requires no electricity to operate. Can be used free-standing or mounted to the floor with included hardware. The height is ideal for all ages to use. A locking cap makes it safe and secure. The laicozy’s foot pedal sanitizer dispenser stand is compatible with any hand sanitizer(0.5L,1L,5L) on the market. Due to epidemic around the world, please put your workers, customers and employees at hygienic ease.


We have many kinds of Sanitiser dispenser station and gym wet wipes dispenser stand with different colors for choices. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us if you need them.





Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Station

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