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The Hotel Linen Trolley
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The Hotel Linen Trolley

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The hotel linen trolley normally including hotel housekeeping carts and laundry carts.


The housekeeping cart is more functional with more drawers to delivery linen and amenity to the guest rooms. The housekeeping carts is often with big compartment for dirty linen.

A neat and foldable X-Trolley that is ideal for quick linen transit along narrow walkways. The lightweight stainless steel frame folds easily for storage. X-trolley, with its epoxy-resistant structure, it folds for optimum space saving. The bags are easily detached from the structure and can be attached together on the top to keep the bundle closed.

The equipment is for the transport of linen, Powerful, compact and robust, ideal for laundries, dry cleaners, laundries, and communities, etc. Fixing, closing and removing the bags is a breeze thanks to the clips they are equipped with. Its handles make it easier to transport.

While housekeeping cart cannot be foldable and it needs more space to storage.

Our housekeeping carts made from high-quality steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and laminate. Built with durability and functionality in mind, our housekeeping carts are available in many different sizes and designs to suit virtually any operation and decor. Customize your carts with our extensive line of accessories, or let us know your requirements and we will design it for you from the ground up.


Our selection of Linen Trolleys is ideal for the hospitality, medical and care sectors. Our selection is ideally suited to both the collection and dispersal of linen.


Many of our Linen Trolleys feature a variety of colors, helping you to easily sort different items. We supply products suited to both professional and home use.


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Hotel Linen Laundry Trolley


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