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The important role of hand disinfection machine
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The important role of hand disinfection machine

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                                   The Important Role of Hand Disinfection Machine

Hand disinfection machine, also known as hand cleaner or alcohol spray, is an electrical product that uses induction principle and sprays disinfectant in a contact-free method to disinfect the hands and upper arms.

Hands are very easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. For everyone, hand washing and disinfection is a fundamental and very important disinfection job. The traditional disinfection methods can no longer meet the requirements of modern production, which not only fail to meet the disinfection specifications, but also waste a lot of disinfection materials. Although there are strict disinfection procedures during the production process, it is difficult for traditional disinfection equipment to ensure the smooth implementation of this procedure. In the prosperous region, a complete set of automatic control disinfection procedures of "induction faucet hand washing-induction hand disinfection-induction drying" has been established to adapt to the fast-paced and high-efficiency modern days.

Hand disinfection machine is a better disinfection tool to avoid cross-infection and disease from the hand in modern life. It is one of the important signs of the progress of human society and the improvement of life quality. Compared with the traditional basin-type immersion disinfection method, the alcohol spray hand disinfection machine has incomparable advantages: it is more economical and practical, improves work efficiency, and greatly reduces production costs.

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