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The Process Of Planning and Execution of a Hotel Furniture Room Project
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The Process Of Planning and Execution of a Hotel Furniture Room Project

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The Process Of Planning and Execution of a Hotel Furniture Room Project

Hotels constantly innovate and there are increasingly more of them changing their value proposition to attract more customers, which is why the hotel industry has seen fit to reinvent itself, in order to provide guests with something that goes beyond just good accommodation.

Poor quality will affect not only the guest experience and the hotel revenues, but can also drive the hotel energy bill and maintenance costs to unsustainable levels.

There are many hotel chains that are revolutionizing the customer experience by offering smart hotel rooms and creating new spaces that meet expectations in line with European trends. Popular thinking has evolved across the generations and creating memories is now considered to be preferable to owning material things, which is a great opportunity for hoteliers when building customer loyalty.

Over the past few years, we have been undergoing a revolution of new ideas, We already know that customers are always on the lookout for new concepts and experiences, which is why opening doors to the future is key and should not be left by the wayside. 

Let us look at some ways to bring efficiency in the whole process of planning and execution of a hotel project:

1.Provide a crystal-clear brief to the designer about the brand standards and budgets to avoid value engineering as much as possible. Should any value engineering be necessary, it should be carried out at the start of the project rather than at the end. Re-considering a design or a material at the eleventh hour derails the schedule.

2.Make a mock-up room early on in the project in order to finalize and testify all design and MEP elements. This will ensure that there are no surprises related to budgets, detailing and functionality at a more crucial stage. Guestrooms constitute a significant proportion of work involved in the whole project. Getting them right early on is extremely important for the health of a project.

3.Chart out a clear roadmap along with dates for all stages of project planning and ensure that all stakeholders stick to the agreed dates and timelines.

Ensure that all consultants are on board ahead of time. There are numerous examples where getting a particular consultant on board at a relatively later stage has caused delays. For example, getting an acoustic consultant when the execution has started may make him suggest changes in the implementation process or material specifications, ending up wasting precious time and money.

4.Resource management is an important aspect of completing a project within the stipulated time frame. Manpower shortage, be it in the design or execution teams, can cause delays.

Civil works are usually the quickest in any project as there is only one agency at work leaving little need for coordination. The key lies in completing the MEP works flawlessly. Delays usually happen during the MEP or finishing stages. The battle is half won if the MEP works are completed within the stipulated timeframe.

5.Going pre-fab is another key aspect to save time. Make use of the technological advancements to use pre-fabricated elements and construct as many elements off-site as possible. This not only ensures a better speed but also ensures quality.

6.All purchase orders should be in place well in advance to ensure timely delivery of items, including the hotel furniture, hotel bellman trolley, luggage rack, stanchion post, housekeeping trolley, rubbish dustbin and so on. Be extra cautious of the long lead imported items. Purchase teams generally take a lot of time to negotiate and to complete the paperwork. It is advisable to give an extra few week to the purchasing team to exploit their negotiation skills in order to save substantial cost for the investors. Laicozy have big warehouse and have many sources for all the hotel supply.

We can provide you best choice according to your budget and design in short time to save your time and management cost.

Hotel development is complex in nature and solid expertise is needed, most of all in the early stages of planning and development, the lack of which will most definitely result in cost over-runs and ultimately poor financial returns for the project. With this in mind, Laicozy have brought together respective business and technical expertise to offer advice to prospective hotel owners in those critical first months of development.

Laicozy brings differentiation and added value to your projects through a keen eye for detail, integrating tools, systems, management and marketing strategies that contribute to optimizing the process.

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