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The Use of Maid Cart For Hotel
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The Use of Maid Cart For Hotel

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Cleaning rooms not only lead to happy guests, but also smooth turnovers. Equip your team with professional hotel cleaning supplies to improve your hotel service.


Janitorial commercial housekeeping room service cart as per the standard, like bed sheets in one shelf, towels in another, bathroom amenities in a separate drawer.

The housekeeping cart can be compared as a giant tool box, it should be stocked with all the required amenities   to complete a complete shifts room cleaning.


The maid cart should be spacious enough to carry all the required supplies for one shift work.


The Janitorial cleaning cart should be light weight, easy to clean and easily maneuverable.


The maid cart has to be always well organized and well stocked before starting each shift.


A well-stocked maid cart will avoid unnecessary trips to the floor pantry. Then you could save labor cost in running the hotel.


The number of supplies loaded on to the cart depends upon the number of rooms, type of rooms to be serviced on the assigned floor. So, if more rooms, the maid cart need to be more space, as big as it should be to keep all the things in one trolley.


The maid carts are normally stocked from the linen room where other housekeeping supplies are stored. And then move to every floor to do the cleaning.



Never over stock or under stock the cart: Overstocking will increase the risk of accidents or damage to the supplies. Whereas under stocking can slow down the efficiency of cleaning because of the regular trips to the floor pantry to collect the required items.



The housekeeping service carts are very useful and available in both stainless steel and aluminum. Welcome to contact with Laicozy if you need. Sales08@laicozy.com


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