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The Uses of the Luggage Rack
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The Uses of the Luggage Rack

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                    The Uses of the Luggage Rack

The Luggage rack is a functional furniture to save your space or your hotel room and house.

And it provides convenience to pack and unpack your suitcase without bending down to the floor.

Our folding luggage rack is made of stainless steel and wood.

The finished can be gold, brush, polish for the stainless steel. Simple, modern design adds a modern touch to your space.

The wooden luggage rack is wood looking good for nature decoration.

For the foldable luggage rack, the top compartment is made up of 3 to 5 straps that can hold your

suitcase or other large travel items. Some hotel luggage rack has second compartment underneath

consists of several hard iron pipes to store your shoes, bags or any other frequently used items to

satisfy your storage needs with 130 lbs load capacity. And as it is foldable luggage rack, you can

easily fold the luggage rack against the wall or any corner when you are not using and it won't take

up a lot of space. You could conveniently store it in a closet as well.

it can be used as a shelf in the bedroom, living room, guest room, etc.

Laicozy is professional manufacturer for the luggage rack for about 20 years.

Our customers inculding the 4-5 star hotel owner and distributor.

If you are looking for high standard hotel luggage rack.

Please contact with us.



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