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Use of smart hand sanitizer
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Use of smart hand sanitizer

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Use of smart hand sanitizer

Theoretically speaking, working with gloves has disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages are: the temperature of the gloves is close to body temperature, and the moisture is difficult to dissipate, which makes the humidity suitable. It can also multiply a large number of microorganisms. The advantage is: due to the isolation of gloves, it can increase the intensity of disinfection and sterilization, kill microorganisms more thoroughly, and provide a higher safety factor for consumption.

As far as food workers are concerned, hand disinfection is a simple but negligible link, and is basically ignored. There are many opportunities for hands to touch bacteria, viruses, and dirt from the outside world, and they are simply soiled. An unwashed pair of hands contains about 800,000 bacteria. Assuming that the initial hand disinfection is not complete, or the hand is not disinfected for a second time within 60 to 90 minutes, the hand reproduces bacteria. Even the food that has been sterilized in the previous process, it is very simple to contaminate the food due to the second interpenetration of hand bacteria. Mold will leave hidden dangers in the future.

Enterprises should establish sanitation and disinfection procedures of "active hand washing, active hand drying, and active disinfection", and implement "GMP", "SSOP", "HACCP", and "QS" sanitary procedures. If the key positions that require hand disinfection are suspended The equipment is an intelligent hand disinfectant, which saves a large amount of disinfectant and improves work efficiency at the same time as it meets the requirements of the specification. It prevents secondary pollution before and after disinfection and quickly kills bacteria on the hands. It is recommended to re-sanitize the hands every 60 to 90 minutes to isolate the multiplication and reproduction of hand bacteria.

After the device is equipped with a smart hand sanitizer, if 75% medical alcohol is selected as the disinfection medium, the process is: "induction soap dispenser hand washing-faucet flushing-induction drying-induction hand disinfection"; the process of selecting other disinfectants as the disinfection medium is : "Induction soap machine washing hands-faucet flushing-induction hand disinfection-induction drying"; it is recommended to choose either method, because there is no residue on the hands after the alcohol volatilizes.

Laicozy can customize your own hand soap sanitizer dispenser stand and wet wipes dispenser station.

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