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What are the applications of automatic induction soap dispenser
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What are the applications of automatic induction soap dispenser

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The automatic induction hand sanitizer machine is also called soap dispenser and soap dispenser, which is characterized by automatic and quantitative hand sanitizer. This product is widely used in public toilets. The soap dispenser can be divided into two functions: with lock and without lock. It is more appropriate to choose a non-locked soap dispenser in hotel rooms. Hotel toilets can be locked to prevent the soap from spoiling.

According to the production principle of soap dispenser, there are three types: manual soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, and sensor soap dispenser. Automatic soap dispenser and sensor soap dispenser do not require human operation, and the soap output is fixed, suitable for use in public places such as hotels and restaurants. However, a manual soap dispenser that can determine the amount of soap output by itself is more suitable. There are a lot of small objects in the kitchen and bathroom in the home. In order to save these local space and increase space utilization, the wall-mounted manual soap dispenser is a soap dispenser that fits the home environment.

Automatic sensor soap dispenser uses infrared sensor to automatically give out soap. The automatic sensor soap dispenser has built-in sensors, deceleration tissues and pistons. The sensor has a lens and a pyroelectric tube. When the hand is in a position where it can receive the given soap liquid, the sensor will sense the change of the human body's infrared rays and generate a signal. This signal is amplified and compared by the electronic circuit, and a switch is generated The signal and switch signal drive the DC motor to drive the decelerating organization to rotate, and the piston is pushed through the connecting rod of the decelerating organization to squeeze out the soap. Auto-sensing soap dispensers generally sense only one liquid at a time.

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