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What are the characteristics of infrared sensor soap dispenser
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What are the characteristics of infrared sensor soap dispenser

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What are the characteristics of infrared sensor soap dispenser

The sensor soap dispenser is healthy and environmentally friendly, infrared electronic sensor, non-contact, sanitary and convenient, effectively preventing bacterial infection; completely replacing bottled shampoo and body wash, and then processing a series of pollution caused by waste rubber bottles problem. The induction soap dispenser is inexpensive and beautiful, and the device is simple; the big spoke reduces the cost of consumables and directly improves economic benefits.

The infrared sensor soap dispenser is based on the infrared sensor principle. There is a sensor window next to the liquid outlet of the soap dispenser. The hand reaches into the sensor window to block infrared rays. The machine senses the hand and automatically sprays hand soap or soap!

Features of infrared sensor automatic soap dispenser, soap dispenser and soap dispenser:

1. Suitable for homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, stations, factories, campuses and other places.

2. It can contain various disinfectant liquids, such as hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, sterilized skin care lotion, etc.

3. Intelligent microcomputer control, selection of imported Japanese components, normal operation for more than 100,000 times;

4. Infrared sensor technology automatically discharges liquid, which can effectively prevent interspersed infection;

5. The color of the product is available in coffee, sea blue, pure white, green tea, etc.

The induction soap dispenser automatically senses the liquid out of the human hand to avoid secondary infection. The unique music sound function makes it easier for parents to supervise whether their children wash their hands. The induction soap dispenser is energy-saving and energy-saving, and 4 AAA alkaline batteries can be used for about 6 months. The shape of the induction soap dispenser is exquisite and exquisite, making it an exquisite home decoration. The induction soap dispenser has good corrosion resistance, and the product has a bright surface and is always new. It is suitable for hotels, guesthouses, office buildings and household applications.

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infrared sensor soap dispenser

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