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What is The Hotel Birdcage Luggage Trolley
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What is The Hotel Birdcage Luggage Trolley

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  Luggage trolley (or bellman trolley) is one kind of the common tools used by the hotel staffs.We can find it in the hotel lobby. A tasteful bellman trolley could make the lobby appearance nicer, thereby when the guests step into the hotel, they would be more pleased with the surrounding. On the contrary, it is detrimental to the hotel review if you buy some inferior luggage trolleys.Laicozy Hotel Birdcage Luggage Trolley could be a good choice for your demand.

  The Laicozy Birdcage Luggage Trolley is made up of four parts:304 stainless steel tubes, a piece of high quality carpet, four wheels and a board. There is a stainless steel hanger in the top of the luggage trolley. You can hang the clothes and bags up there. The appearance of the bellman trolley is like a birdcage. It looks simple and elegant. The trolley has a large capacity of 9-12 pieces of luggage. The board can carry a weight of a lot luggage. Made under strict quality supervision, it has a durable quality which can help you save money. We can do customize for our consumers. The tube finish, high quality carpet and wheels are optional. For tube finish, we have titanium gold,polished and brushed.For the high quality carpet, we have blue, red, black and gray.For wheels, we have 8*chrome pneumatic,8* black hard,8*gray hard and 8* black pneumatic. For example, you can choose an option as Hotel Lobby Titanium Gold 304 Stainless Steel Bellman Luggage Trolley. It has a titanium gold finish and a piece of blue carpet. This combination makes the trolley special and tasteful. The different combination can suit the different decoration styles of hotel lobby. We can also print your hotel name on the trolleys. Of course, we also provide good after-sales service. We believe that we and our customers have the mutual pursuit of product quality. You could seek a product in Laicozy that match with your mind. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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