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What Stanchion Post Can Help During the Epidemic Covid 19
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What Stanchion Post Can Help During the Epidemic Covid 19

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Stanchion post plays an important role during the epidemic of Covid 19.


It can help people to keep distance from each other in order.


If too crowded we can arrange the stanchion post in S pattern to keep as many people in order in limited place.


Now it is much safe to keep distance more than 1 meter to reduce the contact from each other.

crowd control a is one of the pillars to creating a safe work environment.

Using stanchions to route your customers and workers is an effective strategy. 

Some Stanchion Post can have a sensor sanitizer dispenser on top, when you are in the queue for waiting ordering food in Mcdonald's, just reach out your hands with zero contamination, very convenient and keep us safe from virus.

The stanchion post normally with very heavy base weight, there are 5.4kgs,8.0kgs and 9.0 kgs for choices. The post material is normally stainless steel or aluminum tube, tube size is could be 50mm,63mm and 73mm. Such heavy duty and strong material can prevent the stanchion post from falling into the ground. Both aluminum stanchion post and stainless-steel post are very popular in the market.

And crow control post need belt or rope to be a fence to keep people from running outside. The retractable post and rope stanchion post are often seen in hotel, airport, stadium and museum. The belt and stanchion rope can be customized color, while black and red are most popular colors. Length is also optional, 1m,1.5m,2m,2.5,3.0.


Different place and different event may need different material and weight for the stanchion post. While the purpose is always the same, that is to keep people in order. During this special period, please kindly keep distance no matter what you do outside. If you don’t have enough stanchion post, contact us for help.

Stanchion Post Crowd Control

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